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Post pregnancy support and Care

A woman who has given birth to a baby goes through a myriad of emotions and physical changes. Common among new mothers is the phase of postpartum depression.

To cope with this phase of post pregnancy, we offer the following support and care services:

  • Counseling for emotional well-being to manage postpartum depression
  • Nutrition consultation to provide a suitable Post Pregnancy diet plan.
  • Physiotherapy Consultation to get back to shape after pregnancy
  • Yoga, Meditation and other exercises for well-being
  • To support with taking care of your baby, we offer lactation and baby care consultation

Lactation And Baby Care Sessions

These sessions support with invaluable knowledge and advice for coping with challenges on how to manage after the baby is born.

Advantages of lactation and infant care sessions:
  • New Born Baby Care
  • Common Babies Health Problem
  • Information sessions on breastfeeding challenges
  • Right breastfeeding techniques
  • Breast engorgements and breast care
  • Advice on early parenting challenges
  • Rashes
  • Bathing and General Hygiene

If you need help with lactation and infant care, you can sign up for our lactation and infant care sessions. For more details, call: 020 – 67523071 / 9404395976


  • Vaccinations and Immunisation of the baby


Our experts give mothers with all the advice and support on getting timely vaccinations and immunization for the baby. With the right vaccines, you can protect your baby from health issues such as polio, tetanus, whooping cough, etc.





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