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Motherhood is a wonderful experience. But expectant mothers have to take extreme care of themselves and their babies. Through this patient’s guide, we bring to you useful information on diet and exercise specifically for pregnant women.

For supporting expectant mothers with dedicated advice and care, we designed a pregnancy wellness programme to prepare them physically and emotionally for experiencing motherhood. The programme helps you to understand the changes in your body and take crucial decisions during your journey towards motherhood.

With a packing checklist, learn about all the items you need to pack and keep ready for the hospital when it is time. Additionally, we have added handy tips on how to take care of your newborn.

Think Fair, Think Natural Childbirth “Please help us to SAVE THE GIRL CHILD”

Destination Women`s Clinic encourages natural childbirth.

Several women prefer to have a normal/natural delivery. And natural childbirth is every doctor's first advice. And the fact ismother nature has made and prepared women to give birth naturally.

Destination Women’s clinic takes pride in promoting natural childbirth. We do not suggest a C-section surgery unless it is necessary. Through ethical practices, we design pregnancy treatment plans while ensuring the safety and comfort of expectant mothers.

Why normal delivery is preferred?

  • Shorter Hospital Stay with Fast Recovery
  • Quicker Bonding between mother and baby
  • No Major Surgery is needed
  • Boosts baby’s immunity
  • Breastfeeding can be initiated easily
  • Low chances of infection and lung problems in babies

How to deliver your baby is a choice we can make, within the limits of safety. Destination Women`s Clinic will help you make the right decision for your pregnancy, guided by the philosophy of doing the right thing for the mother and the baby.

Feel free to discuss your concerns related to natural childbirth? Our pregnancy specialist will be happy to answer your queries.





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