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Packing List To Stay Prepared

As the time of delivery comes closer, you might be equally excited and anxious as well. Staying prepared will ensure that you are ready for the experience of a lifetime when the much-awaited moment finally arrives.

You should come to the hospital when any of the following occurs:
  1. Passage of blood-stained mucus.
  2. Rupture of forewaters resulting in the passage of a large amount of water discharge.
  3. Reduced movements of the baby.
  4. When the pain starts.

Packing Advice

Pack your bags one month in advance and keep them ready in your car or in a place where you can quickly pick them when you need to go to the hospital. You need to carry your antenatal record including the scan reports when you visit the hospital.

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Here’s a checklist of items your bags should contain when the time comes:
  • For Mom:
    • 3 Front open loose nighties/loose track pants and shirts
    • Sanitary pads
    • Disposable panties
    • Feeding Bras
    • Socks & Slippers
    • Clothing
    • Your regular medication(if any)such as inhalers, diabetic medication, etc.
    • Camera/video camera
  • For Baby:
    • 2 Baby towels
    • Cotton Baby wraps/Blanket
    • 6 Baby dress/jablas/bodysuits/sleepsuits
    • Baby nail cutting scissors
    • Mittens,socks,cap
    • 2 Sweaters




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