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Patient Guide


We offer comfort, care and guidance to ease your journey towards motherhood with a fair trial for normal delivery/natural childbirth.

Pregnancy Wellness Programme

For Pre And Post Delivery Support
  • Pregnancy education and Training
  • Diet, Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Labour Preparation
  • Exercise, breathing techniques, yoga and more
  • Pain Management
  • Birth Education
  • Family Counselling
  • New-born Care
  • Breastfeeding counselling
  • Back to original shape
Destination Women`s Clinic encourages natural childbirth.

Almost all women are eager to have a normal/natural delivery. And natural childbirth is every doctor's first advice. Simply because Mother Nature has made and prepared women to give birth naturally.

Destination Women’s clinic takes pride in promoting natural childbirth. We do not suggest a C-section surgery unless it is necessary. Through ethical practices, we design pregnancy treatment plans while ensuring the safety and comfort of expectant mothers.

Why normal delivery is preferred?

Shorter Hospital Stay with Quick Recovery No Major Surgery is needed Breast feeding can be initiated easily
Quicker Bonding between mother and baby Boosts baby’s immunity Low chances of infection and lung problems in babies

How to deliver your baby is a choice we can make, within the limits of safety. Destination Women`s Clinic will help you make the right decision for your pregnancy, guided by the philosophy of doing the right thing for the mother and the baby.

Feel free to discuss your concerns related to pregnancy with our medical specialist.

(Note: We follow the guidelines given by Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists – RCOG)

   NO Compromise with Ethical Practice